alexa app for windows 10

Today I will show you how to install Alexa app on any Windows 10 PC and use it without any echo device. Please follow the instruction below :

  1. Open microsoft app store and type “Alexa”, and then “get” it to install automatically.alexa app for windows 10 downloadalexa app download windows 10 setup
  2. lets, setup alexa app account . Note : You must be plug-in your microphone on your windows 10 PC / Laptop. Now we’re going to launch, you need to set up it’s pretty straightforward. so to get started, give Alexa permission to access your microphone, and I will except to hear your request. Please click yes when your operating system ask for permission. Right, so you have to connect your microphone gonna say allow yes and you need to login to your Amazon account.alexa app download windows 10 setup guidealexa app windows 10 without echodot
  3. Login to amazon account. Click accept on the terms and condition, that’s up to you for me launch app on sign to this computer and allow app sounds. I’m going to leave them by default press finish. so again, you want to enable let this app run it’s Amazon Alexa tasks when you log in. I’m gonna say enable right nowalexa app windows 10 login amazon accountalexa app windows 10 installation
  4. alexa is installed on your windows 10 pc. you’ve got the welcome screen welcome to Alexa try an exercisealexa app windows 10

If you have echo dot device, please do : download alexa app and connect echo dot to windows 10 pc