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kindle app for windows 10

In this tutorial, will install the Kindle app on windows 10 pc, that lets you read e-books, on your Windows machine even if you do not have a Kindle.

Download kindle app for windows 10 pc

  1. First we’ll open a web browser and going to go to
  2. This takes us straight to the Amazon page where you can download the Kindle for PC application. If you had not, i’ll known that exact address you could have simply gone to
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alexa app for windows 10

Today I will show you how to install Alexa app on any Windows 10 PC and use it without any echo device. Please follow the instruction below :

  1. Open microsoft app store and type “Alexa”, and then “get” it to install automatically.alexa app for windows 10 downloadalexa app download windows 10 setup
  2. lets, setup alexa app account . Note : You must be plug-in your microphone on your windows 10 PC / Laptop. Now we’re going to launch, you need to set up it’s pretty straightforward. so to get started,
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