anydesk download for windows 10

Hi, welcome to tutorial about “anydesk download for windows 10“. Anydesk is the fast remote desktop app. Its like teamviewer, and some other windows 10 remote desktop.  The first thing to do is google anydesk and the link will come up at the top of the list. Then click on the link and that will take you to the website. anydesk download for windows 10

Once on the website click on the download button in the middle of the screen. Once you hit that you’ll have the download starting a window will pop up and ask you where to save your file. Click Save to save your download and the program will now download. After its downloaded, you go and click on your download arrow which will bring up your list of downloads.

  1. Click on anydesk and you’ll get the temporary installation ID. Now we want to have a permanent installation, so we come down to the bottom link, and we click on install any desk on this computer. accept and install yes we’re going to say allow it to install.anydesk download for windows 10 PC
  2. The programs now installed.
  3. We now want to set a password so we click set up a password > agree to make changesanydesk download for windows 10 PC setup
  4. Thick enable unattended access and then we put in the password. once the passwords has been typed in we click and updates the program.anydesk download for windows 10 PC setup password
  5. now we close this window and press get started now. what this is showing up the top here is your anydesk address you give this to your tech support agent and they will use this to identify you and connect your computer with the password that you give them as well.anydesk download for windows 10 PC setup ID

Thanks for visiting anydesk download for windows 10 tutorial, hope this help you.