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how to open EML file in windows 10

EML file is a file format produced by Microsoft Outlook. EML file is an drafted or archived email that preserves the original format of HTML include headers. Almost email clients support this file format, such as thunderbird by mozilla developer.

You can also open EML files using web browser, but you must rename the eml file to *.mht . because EML files is similar to MHTML that  .MHT can be opened in microsoft edge. just right click on dot

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aol desktop for windows 10

AOL desktop for windows 10 is a Wells premier all-in-one app that gives you quick access to your email, chat, and the web. To begin downloading AOL desktop visit here.

if you are the exsisting AOL destop user, please Upgrade AOL desktop to AOL GOLD destop version Here>>

  1. Under AOL desktop click download aol gold desktop for windows 10
  2. open the file and click run. download aol gold desktop for windows 10 free
  3. The AOL  desktop installer will launch and begin downloading necessary files for installation download aol desktop for windows 10
  4. Next you’ll be prompted to shut
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