GIMP for windows 10

Learn How to Download and Use GIMP for windows 10

GIMP for windows 10 is a software to manipulate images to be more interesting and even very unique on a raster basis. Images that have been manipulated will still have a high quality so you don’t have to worry about looking like they have been manipulated. All aspects of the image from retouching to restore, all of which you can change without imagination limit. By using this software or application, everyone can create as innovative as possible, without any limitations. For those of you who like to process and edit photos and images, then just use this one application.

How to download and install GIMP for windows 10

All operating systems are very compatible with this application, so it is very easy to download and install GIMP for windows 10. However, if you are still confused, here are some easy steps you can follow.

  1. Firstly, you need to open the Google Chrome browser then type ‘’ into the search field. If you have found, just click the words ‘download 2.10.12’ then the download will automatically run later.
  2. If the download is complete, all you have to do is double click the gimp.exe downloaded a few moments ago.
  3. Then, several language options will appear and you can click as desired.
  4. Next will appear a different display from before, and you only need to select the ‘install’ menu.
  5. Wait for about 2 minutes then the installation process will take place, then click ‘finish’.
  6. Now, you can use the GIMP application.

How to Use GIMP For windows 10

Actually how to use the GIMP application is very easy because it is almost similar to other photo editing applications, it’s just that the results are higher quality and maximum. Here are some ways you can do to run the application.

  1. Open the GIMP application that you have installed by double-clicking on the icon image.
  2. After that, click on the ‘file’ menu in the upper right corner, then select ‘new’. On this menu, you can adjust the size of the image manually or use the template provided.
  3. If so, then open the ‘Open Image’ menu and then select the image that you want to edit.
  4. For example, if you want to crop the image, then just right-click on the image, then select the tools menu. Later there will be several tool choices and you can click ‘cut’. Then a line will appear with dots that you can slide to crop the image.
  5. When the editing process is complete, you can choose the desired image storage format.

If you like the world of editing images and photos, then installing the GIMP application for windows 10 is the right choice. Besides, by using this application you can also hone your photo editing skills.