How to Export & Convert IncrediMail Emails to Zimbra TGZ

This article describes how a user can import IncrediMail file into Zimbra client. Use this reliable IncrediMail to Zimbra converter tool, that permits users to migrate IncrediMail emails into the Zimbra TGZ file with all attachments. This is often one among the foremost recommended software solution by the technical experts. Also, the software is developed with advanced algorithms that simplify the whole IncrediMail file conversion process. Read the entire blog to know the way to convert IncrediMail to Zimbra mailbox.

Migrate IncrediMail to ZimbraMigrate IncrediMail to Zimbra



Free Download IncrediMail converter from here and luxuriate in transferring data from IncrediMail folders to Zimbra TGZ format. an attempt version of RecoveryTools IncrediMail to Zimbra Migration tool will allow users to export the primary 25 emails in each folder.

How to Migrate IncrediMail to Zimbra Client Directly?

Follow the easy steps to maneuver emails from IncrediMail to Zimbra TGZ.

Export & Convert IncrediMail Emails to Zimbra TGZ

  1. Open IncrediMail to Zimbra migrator on Windows
  2. Add IncrediMail data through auto-upload or manual option.
  3. Select the specified email files from the given list.
  4. Choose Zimbra from the saving option & enter the destination path.
  5. Click the Conversion button to start the IncrediMail migration to Zimbra.

Export Emails from IncrediMail to Zimbra TGZ – Expert Solutions

After reading this blog you’ll find out how to use the knowledgeable toolkit to migrate or export IncrediMail to the Zimbra mail server. The appliance directly imports IncrediMail emails into the Zimbra Desktop email client. Additionally, this allows users to convert many IncrediMail files into the Zimbra TGra file format. The straightforward & user-friendly interface of the software helps the users to simply work with the tool. The utility provides the functionality to auto-upload the mailbox data from the configured IncrediMail account. So, It helps the users to save lots of their time & effort during the Incredimail to Zimbra migration.

Therefore, use this extraordinary IncrediMail to Zimbra migration software to export IncrediMail e-mail on to the Zimbra folder in fast & secure mode. You’ll convert IncrediMail files altogether Zimbra edition. The subsequent simple steps will assist you to know how this software works.

The solution to maneuver IncrediMail emails to Zimra – Step by Step

  • Run IncrediMail to Zimbra Converter and skim all important instructions. Backup IncrediMail data folder.

How to Export & Convert IncrediMail Emails to Zimbra TGZ

  • Then, the tool asks the user to load IncrediMail to enter two ways (Add File or Add Folder).

Export & Convert IncrediMail Emails to Zimbra TGZ

  • The software will preview all IncrediMail files/folders, select them and click on the subsequent button.

Export & Convert IncrediMail Emails to Zimbra TGZ

  • Then, Choose the Zimbra option from the list of 20 selected saving options.

Export & Convert IncrediMail Emails to Zimbra TGZ

  • Then, Set conversion options from IncrediMail to Zimbra because of the destination path.

Convert IncrediMail Emails to Zimbra TGZ

  • The conversion process of IncrediMail into Zimbra is underway. So, Please wait for a moment.

Convert IncrediMail Emails to Zimbra TGZ

  • Then, Once the IncrediMail to Zimbra process is complete, the converted data will open automatically and resultant items are going to be retrieved.

Key Features of IncrediMail to Zimbra Migration Tool

This IncrediMail to Zimbra conversion software offers many benefits to users. Designed with advanced algorithms, it’s an honest choice for users. Users are trying to find the simplest thanks to transferring large volumes of email from IncrediMail email files to Zimbra Desktop. Within the below section we are getting to describe a number of the most benefits related to this application

Batch Export of knowledge from Multiple Users: The toolkit allows users to transfer multiple IncrediMail data in batch mode to the Zimbra email client. When the user reads the source file by clicking [Select Folder]. Also, the utility displays the trail to default IncrediMail user profile for the user during which all data is stored.

Keep Hierarchy of System Folders on Disk: the most advantage of this application is that the hierarchy of system folders on the disk is preserved, while IncrediMail emails are converted to Zimbra files. All emails and their attributes remain intact. Also, the info integrity will be maintained. No technical knowledge is required to transfer data from IncrediMail to the Zimbra mail client.

Freedom to settle on Destination Path: IncrediMail to Zimbra TGZ Converter is an error-free solution for easily exporting IncrediMail files in Zimbra format. This application also allows the user to pick a destination and save the IncrediMail file.

Export Zimbra File with Attachments:

It allows users to transfer all attachments during a Zimbra message. The IncrediMail to Zimbra conversion program doesn’t modify mail and attachments. The software allows the user to simply convert without installing the other applications.

Simple and straightforward to Use Application: This utility offers an easy interface that simplifies software management that permits users to maneuver the IncrediMail file to Zimbra. it’s simple to use the application, so any user can easily manage the tool to simply complete the migration process.

Try Free Demo Version of Tool: Download the free demo version of this best IncrediMail to Zimbra converter and obtain more information about the software features. it’ll help to undertake all the software features. Also, it allows the user to properly import IncrediMail files in Zimbra format. The trial version of the program converts 25 emails from each of the chosen IncrediMail files/folder.

Advantages of Zimbra Over IncrediMail

Since most users are trying to find an answer to migrate IncrediMail to Zimbra Desktop, this segment discusses all the benefits offered by IncrediMail compared to Zimbra.

  • Offers users a high degree of simplicity and flexibility; for instance, managing e-mails, contacts, calendars, document sharing and more.
  • It’s designed primarily for commercial use for better functionality and reliability.
  • The most advantage of Zimbra compared to the IncrediMail file format is that it allows synchronization of mobile phones.
  • A user can more efficiently manage the back-end structure within the Zimbra application.
  • Ensures better centralization and also provides users with locally stored facilities.
Final Words

This article describes an efficient and effective approach to export from IncrediMail to Zimbra. Instead of following my word, I like to recommend that you simply first download and test an attempt version of the IncrediMail to Zimbra Converter tool to transfer and move IncrediMail files to Zimbra with attachments. Then, If you’re completely satisfied, what are you waiting for? Purchase and luxuriate in endless conversion!

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