How to Transfer / Export IncrediMail to Gmail | G Suite Account

IncrediMail is a complicated email client program that gives a singular collaborative experience. It provides unique multimedia features to rework your email experience with IncrediMail. IncrediMail Email Client provides various benefits like Emoticons, Email Notify, Email Background, Ecards, etc. Aside from this, Gmail is one among the world’s popular email services or free email host providers. Gmail powered by Google, provides a far better visual interface, security, and lots of more services within one platform. thanks to their popularity, many IncrediMail users want to export their emails from IncrediMail to a Gmail account. If you’re one among those trying to find an answer to maneuver IncrediMail emails to Gmail, read this post carefully.

Export IncrediMail to GmailIn this article, we’ll explain the procedure to maneuver IncrediMail to Gmail or G Suite (Google Apps) using Technology. IncrediMail to Gmail Migration tool, you’ll easily transfer emails, contacts, calendar from IncrediMail to Gmail. This application provides an immediate choice to export IncrediMail to Gmail or Google Mail. the method of migrating emails from IncrediMail to Gmail or G Suite account is so simple. But, before we explain the method of this tool first, let’s take a couple of things about the way to Export IncrediMail Mailboxes from IncrediMail.

Step by step how to Export Emails from IncrediMail to Gmail?

Follow the below steps to maneuver data from IncrediMail to Webmail:

  1. Run IncrediMail Migration Tool on Windows.
  2. Select IncrediMail data with automatic detection mode or manual detection.
  3. Choose the specified email folders from the IncrediMail data folder list.
  4. Select the Gmail option and fill all the specified credentials within the interface.
  5. Click on the migrate button to start out IncrediMail to Gmail migration process.

Ways to Transfer email from IncrediMail to Gmail?

First, Download the IncrediMail Converter Tool. Thereafter, install this application on Windows Workstation or Server Machine. then , follow the below steps to transfer emails from IncrediMail to Google Mail.

Now launch IncrediMail to the Gmail Migration Tool on a Windows Computer.

How to Export IncrediMail to GmailThereafter, choose the IncrediMail database with dual modes like – Automatically detect location or Manually load IncrediMail files within the interface. If you’ve got already configured IncrediMail, then choose the choice “Convert Configured IncrediMail Mailbox Data“. If not, select IncrediMail IMM or IML file with multiple choice options.

How to Export IncrediMail to GmailAfter that, the software will load all the IncrediMail data folder within the interface panel. Here, you’ll select only the specified email folders for migrating IncrediMail to Google accounts.

Export IncrediMail to GmailAfter that, select the Gmail and G Suite (Google Account) options from the file storage list.

Export IncrediMail to GmailAfter that, provides all the specified details of your Google Gmail account within the interface.

Export IncrediMail to GmailFinally, click on the migrate button to start out IncrediMail to Gmail transfer process.

Export IncrediMail to Gmail

IncrediMail Migration to Gmail – Export IncrediMail Email, Contacts, Calendars & Mailboxes

IncrediMail to Gmail Migration tool comes with an easy and understandable interface platform. It can assist you to look at and skim the IncrediMail mailbox item within the interface. Now, you’ll view emails, contacts, calendars, attachments, etc. before the migration process. The software supports the transmission of the small print from IncrediMail to Gmail account directly. the simplest thing about this application can maintain the hierarchical data structure of IncrediMail emails during the migration process. The IncrediMail to Gmail Migration Tool will easily work in all versions of Microsoft Windows. So, you’ll easily download from below the green button

Benefits and Features of IncrediMail to Gmail Tool

The Batch option works for migrating multiple IncrediMail accounts to Gmail.

  • The software comes with a dual choice to select multiple IncrediMail files for one process. Here, users can pick unlimited numbers of IMM files without facing any issues.

Free Preview option will show all the small print of IncrediMail Emails

  • It will provide an choice to show all Email folders also as Emails on the software interface panel. this feature will assist you to select the specified email folder easily.

Automatically Select Default Location of IncrediMail Mailboxes

  • If you’re already installed IncrediMail in your system, then the tool will automatically load the mailbox within the interface.

Advance Search choice to find some specific range of emails.

  • The Advanced Search option will assist you to export only require emails from IncrediMail Mailboxes. this feature saves the user’s time and energy.

Save Converted Data at user desired location path

  • Users can pick a location then save all the converted items at user desired location.

Compatible with all Microsoft Windows OS

  • It will support all versions of Microsoft Windows including Windows 10, and Windows Server 2019 Editions

In the above section, we’ll explain the method of transferring emails from IncrediMail to Gmail. Here, you’ll find an advance IncrediMail to Gmail Migration tool for exporting emails from IncrediMail to Gmail. the simplest a part of this application can transfer emails from IncrediMail to G Suite account directly. the corporate offers an attempt edition for evaluating the method before purchasing the tool. Satisfied users can buy a license key to activate the merchandise for lifetime use. For more quite information contact our support team

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