How to Transfer All IncrediMail Folders and Files

Are you interested by the way to transfer files & folders from IncrediMail to varied email clients & services? Then read this blog. After the recent news about IncrediMail, every user is scared about losing their IncrediMail email data. Are you one among them? Then don’t worry, we’ll assist you.

Transfer All IncrediMail Folders and FilesIn the coming section, we are getting to introduce an expert solution referred to as RecoveryTools IncrediMail Migrator. it’ll assist you to transfer all IncrediMail files and folders to your required email service. Also, we’ll assist you by giving information about the simplest IncrediMail alternative available within the market. Then let’s get started!!!

Transfer All IncrediMail

Transfer All IncrediMail

Note: Before beginning to transfer IncrediMail email files find the free trial version of the migrator software from here. it’ll assist you to undertake software features with a limitation of 25 emails per folder. The software is fully compatible with all the versions of Windows OS. Also, it’s an expert feature to auto-detect the mailbox data of the configured IncrediMail account.

How to Transfer All IncrediMail Folders and Files? Step by Step

Follow the straightforward step by step procedure to transfer email files & folders from IncrediMail.

  • Install & run IncrediMail migrator on your system.

Transfer All IncrediMail Folders and Files

  • Then , add the IncrediMail email through an automatic or manual option.

Transfer All IncrediMail Folders and Files

  • Select all required email folders from the list & hit subsequent button.

IncrediMail Folders and Files

  • Then, choose the specified email option or file format as a saving option.

Transfer All IncrediMail Folders and Files

  • Then, enter all required information within the respective fields.

Transfer All IncrediMail Folders and Files

  • Finally, click on Convert transfer all IncrediMail folders & files.

Transfer All IncrediMail Folders and Files

Expert Solution to IncrediMail Email Files and Folders

If you’re reading this blog means probably you heard that IncrediMail goes to prevent its services. Are you in search of the simplest solution to transfer your IncrediMail files? Are you worried about the safety of your email data? Then accompany the IncrediMail Migrator solution. it’ll assist you to directly transfer IncrediMail emails to your required email service securely. The software provides various email clients & services as saving option. therefore the user can choose the destination email service consistent with their requirements & preference. Also, the utility support all format of IncrediMail mailbox file (IMM, IML, DB, CAB), that permits the users to transfer all their IncrediMail email data with none tension.

Transfer IncrediMail Email Files to Free Email Clients

When plan to transfer all files and folders from IncrediMail the primary option that comes within the user mind getting to be|are”> are going to be the free Email clients so during this section we are going to provide few best free IncrediMail email clients. The above given automated solution is capable of transferring all IncrediMail files & folders to different email clients directly.

1. Mozilla Thunderbird

While considering free desktop-based email clients Thunderbird having the primary position. it’s the foremost popular open-source email client which 100% freed from cost. It helps the users to simply manage their email even in offline mode. Make use of the IncrediMail to Thunderbird converter to transfer IncrediMail IMM or IML files to Thunderbird.

Advantages of Thunderbird

  1. Free open source email client.
  2. User-friendly interface.
  3. Address book option for contacts.
  4. Advanced spam filters.
  5. Offline management of emails.
  6. Allow customizing consistent with the user.
  7. Provides cross-platform support

2. eM client

eM client is another desktop-based email client which is popular for its clean interface. It enables the efficient management of email messages, contacts, calendars & notes. The well-organized look makes eM client stand different from other email clients. It saves the e-mail data in EML file format. Accompany the efficient IncrediMail to EML converter save your IncrediMail data in eM client.

Notable Advantages of eM Client

  1. Support all major email services.
  2. Well organized email interface.
  3. Superfast email searching feature.
  4. Centralized application management.
  5. It offers an integrated chatting option.
  6. Inbuilt translator of email messages.

3. Zimbra

Zimbra may be a desktop-based email client that gives offline & online access to your mailbox data. it’s a cross-platform email application which will run over Windows, Mac, Linux OS. User can easily transfer all IncrediMail folders and files to Zimbra by converting to Zimbra TGZ file format.

Benefits of Zimbra

  1. Free & open source email client.
  2. Offers expert spam filter.
  3. Cross-platform email client.
  4. Email, contact, calendar management.
  5. It provides offline access to the info.

Transfer all of your Files from IncrediMail to Web-based Email Service

Are you brooding about transfer your IncrediMail data to Web email? Then don’t worry the above-mentioned software efficiently transfer files & folders from IncrediMail 2.0 & 2.5 to your required email services. ask the below section to seek out a number of the favored free email services.

1. Gmail

Gmail is one among the foremost popular email services everywhere the planet . It allows managing emails, contacts, calendars, etc. inefficiently and securely. Also, Gmail provides free cloud storage to save lots of user data. It helps email users to save lots of their drive space. Also, it enables email access from anywhere from the planet . Perform IncrediMail to Gmail migration with the assistance of above mention software solution.

Advantages of Gmail

  1. Cloud-based email service
  2. Can access from anywhere, at any time.
  3. Easily configurable on any email application.
  4. Offers free cloud space for storing.
  5. High security to user’s mailbox data.

2. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is another documented free email service. It offers four different plans to access email services consistent with user requirements. It provides an choice to custom background theme & advance email search. Yahoo mail is an efficient choice for users who got to send & receive attachments through emails frequently. you’ll make use of the IncrediMail migrator for the direct transfer of emails from IncrediMail to Yahoo.

Notable Benefits

  1. Provides free cloud space
  2. Having four different plans.
  3. Enable chat through Yahoo Messenger.
  4. Provide free access Yahoo Interface library.
  5. Provide free calendar functionality.
  6. Scan email for the virus.

Transfer IncrediMail IMM or IML files to Paid Email Application & Services

In the above section, we discussed various free email applications & services which you’ll depend upon to transfer IncrediMail emails. within the coming section, we are getting to see a number of the best-paid email services. Use the Automated solution to securely transfer IncrediMail folders and files to Paid services.

1. Microsoft Outlook

While considering cloud-based email services or desktop-based email applications MS Outlook is that the first choice of the organizations. It provides various inbuilt features for the secure management of emails, contacts, calendars, tasks & more. Outlook uses PST file to save lots of and transfer the mailbox data. accompany IncrediMail migrator to export IncrediMail to Outlook PST file format.

Advantages of Outlook

  1. Simple & user-friendly interface.
  2. Support SVG & give real image experience.
  3. Active Directory authentication is extendable to Exchange.
  4. Provides both desktop & cloud-based email service.
  5. Microsoft Exchange Play integration.
  6. Follow the normal folder structure.

2. G Suite

G Suite may be a collaboration suite that has various services like Gmail, Calendar, Hangout, Doc, Sheet, etc. Mainly G Suite is employed by organization & enterprise-level users to manage their data. Also, it provides Cloud storage & services consistent with user plans. G Suite is formally referred to as Google Apps. The automated tool provides the direct conversion of IncrediMail to the G Suite mailbox.

Benefits of G Suite

  1. It offers unlimited space for storing.
  2. Team collaboration feature.
  3. Enhanced data security.
  4. Provide knowledgeable version of Gmail.

3. Exchange Server

The exchange server is that the first choice of the enterprise-level users for the e-mail servers. The exchange server is that the Microsoft email server. It provides a far better workflow for giant organizations. If you’re trying to find an email server alternate for IncrediMail. Then, Exchange is that the most suitable option for you. accompany the converter tool to perform direct IncrediMail to Exchange migration.

Benefits of Exchange Server

  1. Centralized email management in an efficient way.
  2. Highly advanced mailbox data security.
  3. Pay just for what you’re using.
  4. Easily accessible anywhere from the planet.
  5. Also, it offers automated feature updation.
  6. Shared calendar between different users.
  7. Multi-layered anti-spam filtering

How to Transfer Data from IncrediMail XE, 2. 0 & 2.5? FAQ

Find the foremost commonly asked user questions & answers from her:

the way to transfer all IncrediMail files & folders to PST format?

Follow the straightforward steps to transfer IncrediMail emails to Outlook PST?

  • Run the utility on your Windows Machine.
  • Add IncrediMail mailbox data to the tool.
  • Choose only the specified email folders.
  • Select PST as a saving option & enter a destination.
  • Finally, click on Convert to initiate the conversion.

am i able to transfer IncrediMail IMM or IML files using this tool?

  • Yes, The software supports all the file formats of IncrediMail which include IMM, IML, DB, CAB.

Does this tool need the IncrediMail installation to transfer files from IncrediMail?

  • No, the utility offers the choice to manually add the IncrediMail data. Therefore you’ll use that choice to add emails. However, it also provides the choice to automatically access the info from the configured account.
Closing Words

Through this write up we introduce one among the simplest solutions to transfer all IncrediMail folders and files to your required email service. Also, we explained a couple of of the favored email solution which may be used as a far better alternative. The software provides various advanced features that enable direct & secure transfer of IncrediMail emails.


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