kobo desktop windows 10

kobo desktop for windows 10

Kobo Desktop windows 10 Publisher’s Description

The Kobo Desktop App windows 10 enables you to scan, build a digital library and buy eBooks on your laptop or portable computer. All you have got to try to do is transfer the desktop application and install it on your laptop – we tend to support each Windows and Macintosh operative systems. Once you’ve got put in the applying, you’ll buy eBooks through the desktop Store.


  • Category: Books & Literature
  • Last Updated: 2019-06-28
  • File size: 113.85 MB
  • Operating system: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Publisher: Kobo

Kobo Desktop windows 10 Editor’s

Read many eBooks with this nice, different, multiplatform book reader using kobo desktop in windows 10.

eBooks area unit all the trend. there is a war being fought for your eBook greenback, and unless you have been stuck beneath a rock, you recognize that its Apple, vs. Kindle/Kindle fireplace vs. Nook vs….well, might be Kobo Desktop. It’s a multiplatform eBook platform, and it might be the choice you have been trying to find.

Kobo Desktop enables you to scan, buy eBooks, and transfer them simply to your eReader from your laptop or portable computer. All you have got to try to do is download the Kobo Desktop package and install it on your laptop. Thankfully, there is version accessible for each Windows and Macintosh. Once you sign on, you’ll instantly access the eBooks you’ve got already purchased and transfer them to your laptop.

The desktop package enables you to customize the font vogue and size, alignment and margins you wish to create your reading expertise the simplest it is often on your display screen. you’ll even make a choice from 3 nice reading themes to fit your personal reading desires. when you area unit reading preferences are set, and you are reading books, you’ll begin and stop at your leisure with Kobo Desktop’s Automatic Bookmarking feature. you’ll acquire reading right wherever you left off the last time. Your bookmarks follow you despite however you utilize kobo to scan — you’ll seamlessly switch between your laptop, your smartphone, tablet, or eReader.

Finding new content to consume on your reader is simple with Kobo Desktop windows 10. you’ll use its integrated Kobo Store to create searching and downloading eBooks a breeze. Its controls area unit all acquainted and extremely straightforward to use.

Kobo, conjointly sports its own dedicated eReader, just in case you were trying to find associate iPad, Nook or Kindle different. you’ll use kobo’s eReader to simply transfer your books from Kobo Desktop to your Kobo eReader.

  • Pro’s: Integrated store, Seamless content transfer between computer and mobile devices, multiplatform, ePub formatted eBooks.
  • Con’s: restricted store, not wide renowned different.
  • Conclusion: The Kobo Desktop may be a nice eBook different for those who area unit uninterested in the iPad-Kindle-Nook eBook wars. Its golem power-driven tablet/eReader, however, is simply that – one more android power-driven pill that more fragments the Android scheme. I provide the approval to kobo, however, therein it tries to directly vie with Amazon via its own color pill, smartphone/tablet package and eBook store. maybe the seller is a lot of common in alternative countries, however here within the States, this tiny renowned merchant does not stand abundant of an opportunity at taking an oversized piece of the eBook pie, despite the desktop and/or device package or pill it produces