system file checker windows 10 : Fixing Corrupted File

The Way to Fixing Corrupted File Using System file checker windows 10 Scanning

System file checker windows 10 are really advantageous for your PC because it will help you to detect the problems. When you have some issues regarding to your PC system, this will be the guide for you to fix the issues. This file, eleven just a small system file but it will work really great for your apps, drivers and also your Windows update. However, sometimes the problem comes from this file system itself. So how will you do when your system checker is corrupted?

How to Scan System file checker windows 10

You can follow the command below to repair your system file windows.

First thing first you can use your Windows key, press it together with X key on your keyboard. or you can rightclick on windows logo. It is used to open your Power User menu. After it opens, you can choose the Command Prompt as administrator. You need to run the system checker as admin when you want repair it. After that you can scan the System file checker windows 10. run the system checker as admin

There will be some results come out when you finish scanning the system file. If you get the message. It contains the successful of protection and reparation. It means that your system checker is finishing fixing the problem. But, when the message you get is “Windows Resource was unable to fix some it or you will find CBS.Log %WinDir%\Logs\CBS\CBS.log:” it means you have to repair your problems manually.

You can open the sfclogs.txt to repair the issues manually and this file sometimes is hiding in your desktop. You can open it using the notepad feature. You will get the information about the file that can be repaired and cannot be repaired. Make sure that you open all the scan programs within windows, do not use it offline. That’s you can fix your System file checker windows 10.