Unified Remote server for windows 10

Unified remote server for windows 10 is like a television remote. You can control your computer from a certain distance through your smartphone. You also no need to be directly in front of your computer monitor screen to control it. This method can be done with the help of an application called Unified Remote. The way these application works is that you must first install it on an Android device and also on your Windows 10.

In other meaning, this application consists of two types. The Windows function as a server, while those in Android function as a client. Further, a Unified remote is really easy. Besides you can control the mouse and keyboard on the computer, you can also do more things. This application provides you many additional features, as the example being able to play videos and make a presentation.

Easily Install Unified Remote server for windows 10

               Download unified server & app

The main benefit of Unified remote for windows 10, makes your works easier for you. You can control your Windows computer under Bluetooth or wifi signals. Unlike conventional TV remote, this remote application provides two connections that can be chosen. You better-used wifi signals rather than Bluetooth due to the flexibility. Even though it is blocked by a wall, the remote application can still properly function under wifi signals area.

Install the unified remote server in windows 10

Before you install, please make sure your Windows and Android device support with this application. After you are done with checking parts, you can move to the download section. In this part, you should download the Unified remote for both Windows and Android. As this article said before, this application also needed on your device as the controller. After the download section has done, you can run or launch the application on both devices.

Activation of the Application

You can activate free Unified remote for windows 10 by click the right side of icon Unified then click ‘Start Server’. Then, you also should run this remote on your Android device. Check the connection of the internet, because this app really needs the wifi signals. The latest version is able to connect automatically without cruel steps.

Moreover, Unified remote for windows 10 is available in free and paid versions. There is a limitation on the free version rather than the paid version. If you only need simple features, the free one is enough. While you prefer to get the paid one, you can download the app in the Google Play on your Android. for windows 10, you can get the paid one by installing the emulator for windows 10.