Visual Studio Code

Nowadays, the Visual Studio Code is effectively app as the most popular editor. The main advantage is this editor does not need a lot of setting. It simply you can use it without any adjustments. However, this editor has several uniques features that could increase your productivity. Microsoft had launched this editor in April 2015 with adorable features.

Download Visual Studio Code is not something hard to do, as long as you have an internet connection. This program was built for a programmer who wants to develop their works. Programmer and web developers who develop web applications using ASP.NET or Node.js are the target of Microsoft. Similar to the other editors, VSCode has syntax coloring and bracket matching as the features. VSCode also has IntelliSense features that quite sophisticated for the professional.

Good Features on The Good Editor Application

Visual Studio Code has several features that provide many advantages to programmers. The features are extensions, icon, themes, the debugger and problem feature to find out the errors from the source. The others are integration with git and terminal. With those many features, it possible to help you create something new. Installing this editor is quite simple and does not need much time or effort.

How to Download Visual Studio Code on windows 10?

What you need first is to download the editor on here. Or You can go to Microsoft’s official store to get this editor or from another website as a potential source. Make sure your device or personal computer based on windows 10 is supported to install visual studio code. The speed of the internet is also important for you to download this editor. The memory of this editor is quite big, so do not forget to check your available memory.

The second thing you should do after downloading the visual studio code editor is running the editor application. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions before deciding to install it. Check the box of the agreement to continue and next until the installation has done. After all ready, you can launch the editor and doing what you need on it.

Two steps to have visual studio code in your windows 10 above are very simple yet complicated. If you do not have an internet connection, your process of the download will be failed. Check your connection before downloading the editor is important. Then, you also check the website source where you download this editor. Make sure the website is clear from viruses and you will get a healthy editor for your windows 10.