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How to Backup Text Messages on Windows 10 mobile

The Quickest Way of How to Backup Text Messages on Windows 10 mobile You Can Do by Yourself

How to backup text messages on Windows 10 mobile like SMS feature that is still one important feature that is often used by users of Windows Mobile 10 to communicate. Send SMS is now easier. Buddy who often linger in front of the PC, no need to worry to look for a smartphone just to send SMS. Buddy can now send SMS …

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how to fix error c101b000 on windows phone?

error c101b000 windows phone lumiaThe error code ‘c101b000’ referred to a fault in the market store, failed on downloading progress from microsoft app store. Its solved on my lumia 640. Please try these steps might be solving the error :

  1. Try connecting to other internet connection or Wi-Fi.
  2. Check for Windows updates available for your phone.
  3. Go to Downloads and cancel all the pending downloads.
  4. Perform a soft reset.

You should have your phone turned on. Press and hold the volume down

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Windows Mobile Device Center Doesn’t Support Windows 10

Windows Mobile Device Center’s Method to Support Windows 10Windows mobile device center Windows 10 update caused some problems of connection why it can’t work. In newer Windows version especially Windows 10 (Creators Update) OS Build 15063, the WMDC doesn’t support it. So that, it isn’t capable to work well. But, there are some ways to do to make it work. Here you go!

Windows Mobile Device Center’s Method to Support Windows 10

To ensure that WMDC works on Windows 10, you need to download some utilities and run …

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Ringtone Maker App for Windows Phone with Windows 10 Mobile

To make your favorite song into a ringtone for your Windows Phone, you need an app to cut the music or mp3 file, here is Ringtone Maker apps you can download and install it for free from the Microsoft Store and how to use it.

Everyone wants to be different in the way they using their phone, one way is by changing the ringtone with your own favorite song. In addition to reflecting your personality, changing a custom ringtone will …

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How to setting up apps corner windows 10 mobile

We will show you how to set up Apps Corner in Windows 10 Mobile. Apps corner was previously available in Windows 8.1. After you upgrade to Windows 10, you can still use the Apps Corner.

Mobile phone is the most private devices. You can reveal the biggest secret of someone in their phone, so some people find it uncomfortable to lend their phone. On android or iOS device, the using of specific applications can be restricted by the lock apps, …

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How to change ringtone in windows 10 mobile

Your Windows Phone has a boring ringtone? or your ringtone sound the same with everyone in your house who uses Lumia or Windows Phone? Here is how to change ringtone in Windows 10 Mobile, you can also change the ringtone in your phone with your own favorite music.

You can judge a person by their phone, how their home screen look like, and how their ringtone sounds like. Phone reflect the personality of the owner, therefore each of Windows Phone …

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