how to google hangouts

Google Hangouts allows you to video chat, voice call and text chat with your friends for free.

Group chats can accommodate up to 150 people; and video calls can connect up to 25 people.

You can also send photos, videos, maps, emojis, stickers and animated GIFS. Google Hangouts is compatible across desktop, iPhone and Android, and it can be accessed through a number of ways, including Gmail.

How to open Google Hangouts in Gmail

1. Go to and log …

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Unified Remote server for windows 10

Unified remote server for windows 10 is like a television remote. You can control your computer from a certain distance through your smartphone. You also no need to be directly in front of your computer monitor screen to control it. This method can be done with the help of an application called Unified Remote. The way these application works is that you must first install it on an Android device and also on your Windows 10.

In other meaning, this …

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Google Input Tools for Windows 10

Google input tools for windows 10 will brilliantly help you to write any language in your works. You can write Arabic, French, German, and even other languages by using the extension on Google Chrome. This multi-language facility that makes it easy for users to write in many languages. It can be used either to send a formal or informal email, social media status updates, and anything else. This software supports more than 70 different languages and you can use this …

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Arduino Software for Windows 10

Arduino software for windows 10 is an open-source software program that allows users to write and upload code. This software supports your work in a real-time work environment. This code will be stored in the cloud and can be used for someone else. This system is fully compatible with your Windows  10 device. Most of the components are written in JavaScript to facilitate editing and compilating.

Although the main purpose of this software is based on writing code, there are …

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Control Your Computer With VNC Server for Windows 10

VNC Server for Windows 10 is software that functions to control other computers through a network connection. VNC is very useful to help the work of an administrator to control computers in one network. This software can be used on all operating systems, one of which is Windows.

VNC or Virtual Network Computing is Open Source with GPL (General Public License) license. Because of its nature, you can freely use it. However, with a note that it still follows the …

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Camtasia Studio for Windows 10 Lightweight And Complete Desktop PC Recording Application

For those of you who often make vlog tutorials on a PC, you need this one application, Camtasia Studio for Windows 10. That’s right, this one application is indeed made for screen capture and record-making of learning media and interactive menus. By using this application, all activities that you do on your desktop PC will be recorded.

Besides being used for screen capture, there are still many things you can do with this application. To be sure this application …

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adobe XD

Adobe XD For windows 10, Application to Simplify Design!

One of the technology development is the presence of useful software such as Adobe Xd for windows 10. It can help you easily create designs through mobile applications. The software provides a lot of convenience for its users. But did you know that Adobe Xd is now available for windows 10? Then how do you use and install it? Check out the complete information below.

Easy Ways to

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Benefits of Using Trend Micro Applications in windows 10

Trend Micro for windows 10 is necessary to be your next list of applications. Virus security applications are a must-have for anyone who has a computer or laptop. For this reason, the Trend Micro Security application for windows 10 can be the best choice for your computer. Following are the main benefits of the application:

The Benefits of The Micro Applications Use

  • There are some benefits that you can get when you use this application. The benefits are:
  • Trend Micro
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GIMP for windows 10

Learn How to Download and Use GIMP for windows 10

GIMP for windows 10 is a software to manipulate images to be more interesting and even very unique on a raster basis. Images that have been manipulated will still have a high quality so you don’t have to worry about looking like they have been manipulated. All aspects of the image from retouching to restore, all of which you can change without imagination limit. By using this software or application, …

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play ubisoft game in windows 10

Ubisoft is a video game company that provides its users with Ubisoft for windows 10 applications. Ubisoft comes from France and has in total of 25 studios branches in 17 countries over the world. Ubisoft is well known as the fourth largest video game company in the world. Ubisoft provides its users with so many games as the example is Assasin Creed. Besides that, Ubisoft also launches other games such as Rayman, Prince of Persia, Far Cry, Rabbids, and many …

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